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About Us

This is Faith, God and Bible website. We have faith in God and believe in the God of the Bible whose son is Jesus Christ and the only way to salvation. Salvation only comes through Jesus Christ and if you believe in Him you get reborn which is what we called being Born Again.

Our primary aim is to spread the love of God across the globe. We strive to offer meaningful articles that inspire readers to deepen their faith and lead a life that honors God.

Our team of writers comprises individuals, from backgrounds and experiences all united in their devotion to Christ and their strong desire to share His message of hope and redemption. We firmly hold the belief that the Bible’s an inspired word from God providing us with all the wisdom we need to navigate lifes challenges. You can’t go wrong with the Holy Spirit as your Teacher.

We cover a range of faith related topics, including guidance for Christian living, devotionals, Bible studies, as well as reflections on current events. These pieces are intended to spark contemplation and encourage readers to align their values with their day to day lives. As much as possible we strive to avoid other controversial topics unless it comes from the word of God which does not have any controversies. By Controversies we mean, the Bible contains the Truth we need and if we study it diligently and encounter the spirits and authorities of the scriptures, our eyes open to the invisible realm of which we are rulers.

Central to our mission is cultivating a sense of community. Our goal is to provide a platform where readers can come together openly discuss their struggles pose questions and support one another in their growth. Whether you are a believer or simply curious about Christianity we warmly invite you on this journey.

In line, with our faith principles we strive to live out our beliefs through our actions.
That’s why we’re proud to stand behind social justice causes and work, towards creating a world. Our articles on social justice matters are designed to inspire readers to make a difference improve their communities and show compassion for marginalized individuals.

We appreciate your visit to our website. Hope that our articles provide you with motivation and inspiration, on your spiritual path. If you have any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. May you feel Gods loving presence as you follow Him.