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What Does The Bible Say About Having Good Friends?

Some individuals have great memories they share, while others have shared lessons they’ve learned along the way. Every person we meet plays some part in shaping us into the people we’re meant to be. Because life’s events are unpredictable, having people we can call friends by our side helps to make even the most trying times more tolerable, and even more meaningful! Some people truly lift our spirits and inspire us to keep going. Is it really necessary to have a social circle? When it comes to making good friends, what does the Bible have to say?

According to the Bible, having a good friend means having someone in your life who will love you and help you out in times of trouble. A genuine friend is someone who will never leave your side and acts like a brother, in that they will be there whenever you’re in need of assistance. (Proverbs 17:17) 

The Bible refers to the love that friends have for one another, as well as their unwavering loyalty to one another. Being compassionate towards one’s friends is one of the most admirable qualities in a person. This type of love is modeled on the way the Lord loves each one of us. It strengthens the developed friendship and the relationship that is growing. However, not everyone we think of as our friends will behave in this way, because not everyone thinks of you as a true friend. There are people who call themselves friends, but are really just looking for opportunities and things they can get from the relationship. These people are not really your friends. You could have a lot of friends that are happy with your achievements in life, but ultimately, those few people may be able to bring you down (Proverbs 18:24). Because of this, we must be careful about the people we consider friends and only choose those that are loyal to us like brothers. If you are surrounded by people who genuinely care about you and wish you the best, then you can be assured that you’re in the company of true friends. Having friends like that will help you feel more connected to God. 

Having good relationships with others and choosing to spend time with them makes life more enjoyable. A friend’s love is shown in their counsel, with the expectation that you will lead a good and happy life. Their presence may make your heart glad and can help relieve the hardships of life. This is because they genuinely hope that you will lead a good and happy life (Proverbs 27:9). If you find yourself in a difficult situation, speak to a friend who will pick you up and help you put the pieces back together. They will ease the weight you’re carrying in such situations. You will certainly not have to face it on your own, as there are friends who will assist you in getting through it (Ecclesiastes 4:10). Although life may have its setbacks and may give us challenges and circumstances to endure, we must not lose faith that good friends will help us through these storms in life. 

To begin with, it is extremely important that we give careful consideration to the kinds of people with whom we surround ourselves. Friends have the ability to shape the paths that our lives take. We are repeatedly warned not to become friends with people possessing a short temper, and we should also avoid associating with people who are easily angered. This is because there is a risk that we might adopt the way that they live, meaning that we might follow them and do the same unpleasant things that they do. When picking our friends, we must exercise extreme caution because if we choose the wrong people, they may try to steer us in the wrong direction (Proverbs 22:24,26). Since the Lord does not want this to happen, we have been cautioned.

This caution serves as a reminder that the decisions we make in our daily lives as Christians, including the choices of our friends, are very significant. If we choose friends who are only interested in the world or things that are found in the world, they can be detrimental to our spiritual path, since there is always the risk that we will learn their ways and follow in their footsteps. To have friendly relations with the world means having hostile relations with God. Because of this, if we decide to be friends with the world, we automatically position ourselves in opposition to God and his will (James 4:4).

It’s true that it is not always easy to find good friends, but as Christians, we are obligated to surround ourselves with good people. Good friends share the same zeal and commitment to serving the Lord as we do. This world, along with everything in it, and our families and friends, is just a temporary state. After our time on earth is over, we won’t be able to carry it anywhere else with us in the hereafter. It’s up to us to make an active effort to carry out the will of the Lord, as this is our responsibility. It is important for us not to be readily swayed by the norms and traditions that the rest of the world has established. Instead, we need to allow God to transform us into new people by changing the way we think and the perspective with which we view the world around us. If we follow this course of action, we will gain insight into the will of the Lord, which will be good, pleasing, and perfect (Romans 12:20).

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