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How Do You Bless Your Enemy?

Blessing our enemies is an essential component of the Christian faith. While it can be a struggle to show kindness toward those who have caused us harm, Jesus encourages us to love others as we love ourselves (Luke 6:27-28).

In this blog post, we explore why blessing our enemies in thought and words is paramount for Christians living out their faith. We’ll also learn how to offer such blessings. By understanding what it means to bless one’s enemy through prayer, loving gestures, and forgiveness, we can learn how God might use adversity for good. It will explain why offering these kinds of blessings even when we feel angry or hurt should be practiced regularly by every Christian looking to seek inner healing while reflecting Jesus’s teachings.

How Do You Bless Your Enemy?

How Do You Bless Your Enemy?

Why Bless Your Enemies?

How Do You Bless Your Enemy?

How Do You Bless Your Enemy?

Blessing enemies is an integral part of Christianity as it promotes compassion, mercy, and love in line with Jesus’ teachings. It can also represent a challenge to test our faith—an opportunity for maturity and growth.

Raised to be like Jesus

Christians are called to emulate Jesus in their daily lives, and that includes loving our enemies. While we may often turn to anger and revenge when wronged, Christ’s example demonstrates the power of actively blessing those who hurt us (Matthew 5:44). Even as His followers were slandered, criticized, and attacked, during His ministry and even while being tortured on a cross, He responded with love and forgiveness. We, too, have been commanded by Him to imitate this meekness and kindness, though no human could ever hope to replicate this but only strive for it with God’s help (James 4:10).

Stories such as Saul’s conversion into Paul reveal how God works through difficult situations for good (Acts 9). Following Christ’s example is not always easy or comfortable, but it often results in transformation.

Test of true forgiveness

Blessing our enemy is the ultimate expression of true forgiveness, as it goes against our natural instinct to hate, seek revenge, or harm those who have wronged us in some way. Though it seems impossible at first glance, it is this very struggle that God may use as a test of our commitment to become like Jesus; we try and fail dozens of times but keep pushing forward despite difficulties.

With practice and prayer comes growth and spiritual maturity as we slowly transition from only wanting justice to understanding mercy even for those who are undeserving. This blessing brings healing both for us and the others involved as we manifest love and reflect on just how far we can stretch our capacities by submitting without question to His will.

Ultimately, blessing one’s enemies becomes an affirmation of trust in Christ and the means by which God works all things out according to His plan (Romans 8:28).

How to Bless Your Enemies

How Do You Bless Your Enemy?

How Do You Bless Your Enemy?

Although it can be intimidating and challenging, blessing your enemies is essential to the Christian faith and offers a variety of personal and spiritual benefits. There are many different ways one can bless an enemy, such as praying for them, offering them kindness, forgiving them, and trusting God’s plan for their life.

Pray for them

Praying for our enemies is a crucial part of the Christian life as taught by Jesus in Matthew 5:44. It reminds us to want what’s best for them despite any ill feelings we may hold toward them. The Lord’s Prayer, given in Matthew 6:14-15, says, “Forgive us our debts, as we forgive those who debt against us.” We are called to show mercy and act kindly toward others, just as God has done with us. This applies even to challenging relationships. Paul reminded Christians in his letter to Philemon that they should do good deeds for their enemies because this was pleasing to God (Philemon 1:7). 

How Do You Bless Your Enemy?

How Do You Bless Your Enemy?

Show kindness and love

Being kind and showing love to our enemies can be a difficult challenge, yet it’s the surest sign of true forgiveness and of following the path Jesus taught us. This requires going against our natural instinct of hating those who persecute us. Thankfully, with God’s help, we can learn how to love even those who may have wronged us or wished harm on us. One way to show kindness is through speaking kindly and considerately to them, using words as a channel for mercy rather than hatred or aggression. Practically, this means looking beyond the faults and flaws your enemy might have and understanding their perspective, if possible. 

Being kind and showing love to our enemies can be a difficult challenge, yet it's the surest sign of true forgiveness and of following the path Jesus taught us.

How Do You Bless Your Enemy?

Forgive them

Forgiving our enemies can be a difficult matter, but it is an essential part of leading a life according to the teachings of Christ. As Jesus said in Matthew 5:44-45, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven…” Loving our enemies and praying for them show that we truly wish them no harm and seek only what is best for their lives.

For Christians especially, this is an act of obedience to God’s will as He seeks justice and humility from us all. It also reflects one’s maturity. Forgiveness of wrongs committed against one person matures their character by eliminating feelings such as resentment or ill-will toward the other person or situation. By forgiving others even though they don’t deserve it, we are reflecting God’s unconditional love for mankind, which He has observed throughout history so that His children might practice it too. Letting go of anger toward our perceived adversaries brings us the spiritual freedom to live according to faith instead of succumbing to the grudges that weigh down the mental peace found through trust in God alone.

Trust in God’s plan

Trusting in God’s plan particularly helps when it comes to how we deal with our enemies. It requires us to have faith that whatever struggles we face now, God will use them for the ultimate good and to pave the way for His greater purposes. This includes understanding that He will bless us even amid adversity and protect us from harm if we trust Him fully. In modern times too, we can see how trusting in God yields great returns. Martin Luther King Jr.’s commitment to nonviolence was born of his strong belief that, despite evil forces appearing overwhelming and often at odds with common logic, God would eventually prevail over any adversaries (Colossians 3:12-14).

How Do You Bless Your Enemy?

How Do You Bless Your Enemy?

Benefits of Blessing Your Enemies

Often overlooked, blessing your enemies has many tangible benefits—strengthening one’s faith, reflecting God’s infinite love for us all, and disarming our enemies when they least expect it; not to mention the healing that takes place in our own hearts. Understanding how to effectively bless your enemy is key to becoming more like Jesus and learning valuable life lessons along the way.

Heals your heart

Blessing your enemy can be a good way to heal and restore our hearts. Withholding the ability to forgive someone else causes us immense psychological distress and emotional exhaustion, whereas forgiving them can help bring peace of mind.

It is also important to note that this doesn’t mean one must forget or absolve inherently wrong behavior. Instead, it means letting go of any hurt you feel from them in order to move on with your life more peacefully. Christianity teaches us that by blessing our enemies, we can show God’s mercy and reflect His love for all people. 

Reflects God’s love and forgiveness

When blessing our enemies, we are reminded of Christ’s call to love all people, even those who may seem undeserving. The Bible upholds this idea in its many stories and commands. In Matthew 5:43-45, Jesus teaches that hatred creates a cycle; it begins with one person hating another and leads to others being hated as well. But if instead of hating we forgive them, then we free ourselves from continued cycles of bondage and hostility.

This, Jesus says, is a reflection of God’s unconditional love toward His creation—a powerful example for us to follow when considering how best to bless our enemies.

Disarms your enemy

Blessing your enemies can often have unexpected outcomes in shifting the power of a situation and disarming them. Showing kindness and love toward an enemy will force them to contend with their own negative feelings and inspire humility in both parties. Trusting God’s plan requires a level of maturity and willingness to forgive, even if this feels impossible.

When you are under the blessing, your enemies will run from you; this indicates that something has shifted in favor and power. This may lead to peace and even friendship with one another, attainable when we choose forgiveness as Jesus did on the Cross of Calvary.

Strengthens your faith

Blessing your enemies can be a difficult but powerful way to strengthen your faith and bring you closer to God. When we are obedient despite what our enemies do and choose to trust in God’s plan, we demonstrate a deep-seated trust in the Lord that allows us to feel His presence more strongly.

Moreover, when we take a step back from conflict and entrust our adversaries over to Him through prayerful contemplation, it encourages spiritual growth beyond what might have been possible before. With prayer and patience, blessing your enemies can help you overcome anger or fear and allow for increased closeness with God Almighty. He transforms these obstacles into opportunities for true inner strength and connection with the divine, all without compromising important Christian convictions to your love of neighbor.


Ultimately, blessing our enemies is a sign of true faith and commitment to proving our willingness to be like Jesus. By showing kindness, love, forgiveness, and trust in God’s plan – regardless of the wrongs done to us – we are reflecting God’s grace and mercy as taught by Jesus in the Bible. It takes tremendous courage and strength on our part to make this choice, but it brings many rewards that will strengthen us spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and even physically. 

Blessing your enemy allows you to forgive them for wronging you while humbly trusting in God’s ultimate plan for both you and your enemy. It may result in healing from old wounds or converted relationships that have turned bitter enemies into close friends due to an act of selfless love toward a person who has inflicted pain upon you.

At its core, blessing one’s enemies reflects biblical teachings about loving one another even when we disagree––ultimately leading us closer to Christ Himself.

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