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What Does The Bible Say About Grace?

Grace is a word that you always hear from Christians. Perhaps you have heard phrases such as “God is gracious” or “by the grace of God.” Grace and mercy are different, although if one is asked to differentiate the two, they sound quite similar. However, these two things are not the same. Simply put, grace is something we never deserve, yet it is still given to us, whereas mercy means having sympathy or compassion for someone. 

Grace is one of the themes you will find in the Bible, especially in the New Testament, since the Gospel itself is all about God’s grace towards us (Ephesians 2:8-9). Basically, the good things we have in life are all thanks to God’s grace towards us; because of our sin, we don’t deserve any blessings that we could get from God, but despite being so undeserving, He still gave them to us, along with our salvation. The Gospel is the good news about Jesus coming down on earth to die for our sins and save us from being separated from God forever. We know how sinful we are and that we are the ones who put ourselves in this mess, not to mention that it is our own choice to be separated from God. If you were Jesus, would you still die and save those people? Probably not, as the fact that the people are undeserving is enough for you to walk away. But Jesus? He didn’t walk away, even when He was being scourged and people were spitting on His face, He still could have just walked away. That is how undeserving we are; there is not an inch or iota of us deserving to be restored to our right relationship with God. 

But that is what grace is all about. It is all about God loving us, despite us pointing our fists towards Him as we rebel and sin against Him. The love that Jesus displayed is, in fact, an unthinkable thing for us. Imagine that you are the creator, and you came down to save your creations, who chose to sin against you, and these creations are ganging up against you. Why would God do that? Well, our God did that because He is loving and gracious. That is why, despite all the good works we have or perhaps we don’t have any good works at all, or perhaps you think you are the worst sinner yourself, God is still gracious enough to give you salvation and have a restored relationship with Him. You simply have to accept the gift. It is not something you earned but something you were freely given. That is why Ephesians 2:8-9 tells us that it is not by works that we get our salvation, but by grace, so that no one may boast. With the things we enjoy in our walk with God, we cannot boast about anything we did to have it. What we deserve are curses because of our sins, but instead of giving us curses, God gave us blessings and put the curses onto His Son Jesus.

God’s grace is so amazing, there is even a song about it. God’s grace has enabled you to live a new and different life right now. It is God’s grace that allows you to live your life right now, from darkness to light. God’s grace also enables you and trains you to live a godly, pure and holy life (Titus 2:11-12). God’s grace also puts you in a position where you become heirs to Christ, but in addition, we become his children, and God becomes our father. God looks at us the same way He sees Christ (Romans 8:12-17).

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