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What Does Psalms Say About Friendship?

A Christian should place a high value on friendship because of its importance to our lives. Being a good friend is something we should identify with because, in doing so, the Lord is manifested through us. For this reason, we should make a conscious effort to be a good friend every day. When we fall short of becoming a good friend, our love for other people will not be as it should be. What does the Book of Psalms say about the bonds of friendship? What does it teach about the proper way for Christians to interact with one another in friendships?

When brothers and sisters live together in harmony, the Lord considers it good and it pleases Him (Psalms 133:1). The Lord desires for His people to be united in their faith and in the way they live out that faith. It is a reminder that we should hold our friends in faith close and live with them in unity.

The Bible refers to David as a man who walks after the heart of God, and he was known for his devotion to the Lord (1 Samuel 13:14, Acts 13:22). It is mentioned in the book of Psalms 133:1 that it makes God happy to see His believers live together in unity and harmony with one another. It demonstrates rather plainly that we must cooperate with one another in order to live a life that is devoted to following Him. For something to be good and attractive in God’s eyes, it must be something worthy of being imitated by others.

Given that David was moved to compose the Psalms by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, it is essential that we discuss the friendships that he had. David and Jonathan, the eldest son of King Saul, developed a special bond through which we can learn to be selfless, loyal, and emotionally open. Jonathan was King Saul’s eldest son. The friendship that they shared survived everything, including risking one’s life. Even though there was a risk of Jonathan’s throne being usurped, they still managed to develop a connection that bound their spirits together. They had an intense love for one another (1 Samuel 18:1). Their relationship was so close that Jonathan, Saul’s son, disobeyed his father’s orders to kill David and instead informed David of Saul’s intention to kill him. Their friendship was that strong.

Love and concern for God are essential components of a godly friendship because they serve as the friendship’s unifying factor. In order to have a profound understanding of one another, it is essential that there be an openness toward one another, as well as a direct line of communication. As a result, you will have an easier time connecting with others, which will also foster new friendships. This is an important thing to think about because God will be pleased if we all grow in our faith together.

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