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What Does The Bible Say About Hell?

One of the common misconceptions about Hell, especially with non-believers, is that Hell is the opposite of Heaven. In a way, they are opposite, but some misconceptions include that Hell is where Satan rules and that he and his devils are punishing those who did bad things while living on earth. However, Hell is not actually like that (Revelation 21:10). The Bible tells us that Satan and his friends are also being punished eternally in Hell. Another misconception is that God is absent in Hell and that He only resides in Heaven. That is contrary to the Bible. The Bible is very clear that God is omnipresent. Psalm 139 best describes that God is still there wherever one goes, even in Sheol (Psalm 139:7-8). However, despite God being present in Hell, Hell is a place where every good thing from God is absent. It is a place where His love, grace, and mercy are absent; the only thing from God that you will find there is His wrath.

The Bible tells us that Hell is also known as the lake of burning fire and sulfur, a place no one would dare to go. It is a place of eternal torment, with unquenchable fire and worms eternally eating your flesh. The Bible contains verses describing how terrible Hell is (Luke 16:23-24). Hell is a place where God’s wrath towards sin is poured out. God is just and holy, and because God is just, He must punish sin. Anyone who sins stores up God’s wrath for himself (Romans 2:5). All men have sinned, so all are bound for this eternal damnation—eternally tormented with a fire that never quenches. This is the second death the Bible talks about (Revelations 20:13-14). It is where one is to be eternally separated from the love of God. That is why the Bible tells us that, rather than fearing people who could do us harm on this earth physically and temporarily, we should fear God, who can destroy our physical body on earth and our soul in Hell (Matthew 10:28).

However, this is where the Gospel comes in. Knowing what kind of a place Hell is and the fact that everyone who has sinned even once is bound to go there is the kind of news that brings despair, so how can we save ourselves? Thank God that Jesus came. Jesus becomes our very source of hope. His work on the cross satisfied God’s wrath, and the punishment for our sin has already been paid (Romans 3:25-26). The question is, do you accept His finished work on the cross, and are you willing to obey Him as Lord over your life? If there is eternal death for one who is in sin, there is eternal life for one who is in Christ, and He is graciously offering it to us (Romans 6:23). Now that you are in Christ, your eternal destiny has already changed, thanks to His grace and mercy. If before you were bound to Hell, now you are bound to spend eternity with God. Because you are in Christ, God looks at you not as someone who deserves the outpouring of His wrath but as His child. Because you are hidden in Christ, He looks at you as righteous and holy (Colossians 3:3).

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