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What Does The Bible Say About The Gospel?

The word “Gospel” literally means “good news.” It is a common term we often hear, no matter what church we attend. It is a critical message; if this were a news channel, it would be breaking news that is very urgent, so we ought to share it with others as soon as we can. But what makes the Gospel “good news”? Or a message so urgent that it needs to be shared? If there is good news, then there must also be bad news.

The fall of mankind, where man chose to rebel against God, was the moment where sin entered our lives. Since then, if you continue reading the Bible, man has continued to sin, which gives us the idea that men are sinful by nature (which the Holy Spirit is fixing in you as you walk with Him). Man’s sinful nature is due to his own choice; indeed, God created mankind to be good, but mankind chose to rebel against Him and wanted to be like God. Basically, we put ourselves into this mess. And because God is just, sin should be punished. You can’t simply commit a crime and walk away freely as if nothing happened. The punishment for sin is eternal death; yes, it means going to hell, where God’s love is absent, but aside from that, it also means being eternally separated from God. The bad news is that we have all sinned (Romans 3:23), so all of us will go straight onto this highway to hell and be separated from God. We deserve it since we sinned. No matter how much good you do, because of sin and our rotten hearts, we are bound to this punishment.

Actually, God could have just stopped there. For all His justice and holiness, He could have just walked away with our situation as it is. But He didn’t because God is also loving, gracious, and merciful, so He provided a way to get us out of the mess we put ourselves into. That is the good news. No amount of good can earn our salvation because of our sin; in fact, there is no way for us to be saved from this damnation since we ourselves cannot get out of it. The only way out is through Jesus. The Gospel is the good news, telling of how Jesus came to earth and dwelt among us, lived the life that we should have lived, a sinless life, and died the death we should have died because of our sin. The work of Christ is valid since He rose from the dead, proving indeed that He is the son of God. Now He has conquered sin, and the penalty for our sin has already been paid on the cross. Jesus is offering us eternal life and forgiveness in Him. It is a story of how God chose to initiate and restore a relationship with us, despite us being the first who rebelled against Him. It shows us the grace and mercy of God in our lives; the life of Christ, the Gospel, is the greatest testimony of it (Romans 6:23).

As you are now in Christ, you are a new person (2 Corinthians 5:17). You now have a new beginning, a new start in Christ. No matter what your life was before, as you are now, you are in for restoration, for that is what He does. Now that you are in Christ, you are a saint (whether you believe it or not), and it is all because of the Gospel.

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